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Residential Services

Spectrum strives to support individuals by providing services that allow them to live in their own homes and be a part of their community. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to continue to support an individual at home. In those cases, Spectrum provides placement services with one of our pre-screened and State-qualified host homes where services and individual supports can be provided.


Spectrum’s Residential Services for individuals include:


Host Home – in which an individual lives as part of the family of a caretaker and receives assistance from that person and from Spectrum on a routine basis. 


Personal Care Alternative – in which an individual leases his or her own apartment and receives services on an as-needed basis either in person or through phone contact up to a total of 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


Lori G. – Host Home Provider

    As an HHP, working with Spectrum

for the past 3 years, I can offer a perspective with regard to my client’s unique needs and challenges. Spectrum’s well informed staff foster an environment of positive and progressive supports which are strong, when needed, without crossing boundaries.


Spectrum’s Day Program successfully manages a delicate balance between client and HHP, working together, to expose many opportunities for my client’s interests, with safety and dignity in the foreground.”

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    My daughter has had a service provider

from Spectrum who has worked with her for about 3 years with three or four different types of service.  This has been a very positive experience as she has been able to access the community in a variety of ways.  


Some of the activities that she has enjoyed include:  preparing several recipes including shopping and making the dish, purchasing gifts for friends, managing her own money, going out to eat at a wide variety of restaurants, and enjoying many outings of swimming and bowling.


We are thankful for the support and responsiveness of Spectrum."

Wayla M. – Thornton, CO